Thursday, November 17, 2005

Milblog Linky-Love II

If you're not reading Capt. B's One Marine's View, then you are:
  • crazy
  • French
  • a hippy-commie-'tard
  • missing out on the best blog-o-whoopass on the net
Case in point: The Wrong Story - today's post blasts the MSM for wrong, incomplete, and lack of reporting. Even embedded "journalists" get it wrong from the field!
"New York Times reporter (embedded) traveling with U.S. forces said an explosion occurred as a squad entered a farmhouse in Obeidi, (its called Ubaydi and for all you reporters out there that's how its spelled, genius) 185 miles northwest of Baghdad (hello, its on the boarder of Iraq and Syria). Insurgents then racked survivors and rescuers with small-arms and grenade fire before other Marines could recover the dead and wounded and kill the attackers, the newspaper said". (Sounds pretty negative doesn't it?)
The Captain sets the record straight and fills in some rather gaping holes with the heroic work he and the Marines are really doing.
Be smart America, support your leaders, we are winning! Semper Fi! -Capt B
I'm really late in linking this one, but Ma Deuce Gunner has finally unleashed his thoughts on the anti-war wackos. Now that he's back from Iraq, safe and sound, MDG has penned an awesome rant in An Open Letter to the Anti-War Crowd.
So, enough with your venomous, acrimonious rantings. If you don't like the fact that your government is making a CONCERTED EFFORT to preserve your freedoms, go somewhere else. You are parasitic dregs, stealing from the people who secure your freedoms, abusing the freedoms to malign them, all the while being behind the shield of protection they so willingly provide.
Check out the comments on the post as well. It's just amazing how much hate some people have for this country.

Sgt. Trevor Snyder is now down range and still very much has The Will to Exist. He's sending back more than just words and pics - he's got videos! My favorite so far is the hilarious "Chow Hall Interview" in this post, but I'd suggest you start at his home page and check out all the posts. Good stuff!

Supporting the troops doesn't always mean giving something to them; it can also mean taking something for yourself. Trevor and his wife are still looking for good homes for a few of the wonderful dogs they've rescued. See the posts of Sept 26th for info about these beautiful pups.