Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kosovo: Yeah, we're still there!

CivilWarrior has returned to milblogging Way Down in Kosovo after taking a brief, self-imposed hiatus. The reincarnated blog is better than ever and starts out with two eye opening posts.

The first, Kosovo and the "Pax Americana", is a concise history of the conflicted region of Yugoslavia beginning with its creation post WWI and continuing to the present day. It's got maps and everything!

The second post illuminates just what a "diplomat in BDU's fighting ignorance and a bulging waistline armed with an M-9, a double macchiato, and an elliptical machine" does over there. In Catching Up, CW explains his absence from the blogosphere and tells the story of a forgotten little town that's now getting some much needed help.
"The really sad thing is that Belgrade doesn't really care about
these Serbs...they don't even consider them to be real Serbs. so they let them rot in filth and squalor, and we are left to try and clean it up."

Check him out.

Another Day in Paradise is another Kosovo milblog who's author has posted a ton of great pics. Sgt. Tim's got a great sense of humor and his posts are always a good read. You need a MS.Net Passport account to leave comments (which I don't have for my own paranoid reasons [hint: Tim - send me your email address, please!]).