Saturday, November 05, 2005

Indian Summer at Walter Reed

Can I still use the term "Indian Summer"? Or has it been PC'ed into "Native American Summer" or "Unseasonably Warm For This Time Of Year Summer"? In any event, the evening was real nice for a real big crowd. We had a bunch of new FReepers, several OEF/OIF vets, and a large chunk of Rolling Thunder join us tonight.

Landry Fan and BufordP doing something with W. I believe BufordP was having a heated discussion with the President about border security, when Landry Fan had to step in.

Behind the scenes.

Looking north along Georgia Ave.

Rolling Thunder is having their National Conference at the Crystal City, VA Hyatt. We met a lot of great folks from NC and CA (at least) as well as the regulars from the local chapter.

In this picture a group is heading over to pay a visit to the Pinkos.

"Squeegie" immediately calls the cops.

CodePinkos say they support Vets by carrying signs that read "Fully Fund the VA" and "Jobs, Health Care, Benefits", but when confronted with flesh and blood real Vets, they suddenly feel threatened.

Looks like they're having a pretty civil conversation with Gael and the fellow travelers. What are they afraid of?

But "Squeegie's" plea for HELP!!! is answered in short order.

I know this looks like crap. I almost called this post "I hate my camera". The flash didn't go off, the auto-focus f'ed up.

Anyway, the cop is being escorted back across the road by two RT members and all three are having a great time. The D.C Cops are always very cool.

Some of the RT bikes.

Waiting for the bus.

The bus returning from Fran O'Brien's. The driver paused before turning in to the hospital and opened the door. One of the wounded warriors leaned out to thank us for being there. We responded with "U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!" at the top of our lungs.

I'm always surprised when I hear them thank us. Our troops have given so much for us at home, it seems that I can never say or do enough to thank them.

Check out Landry Fan's post from Friday night.