Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sheehan Leaves "Support" at Walter Reed

She came. She peed. She left. Yes, Mutha Sheehan's support for the wounded warriors consisted of a trip to the potty. No "Get Well" cards, no words of wisdom, nada. She slipped in and out of the facility so fast I didn't even get a pic, darnit!

She and a driver parked on the street and walked in thru the gate. Eye witnesses say she went to the second floor, entered and exited the ladies room, went back out thru the gate, and drove off. There was no one from the press, large or small, and I think this must have been a huge disappointment to the Mutha. I'd say her 15 minutes are OVER!

It was still an eventful evening. The festivities got underway when a couple of 100 year old hippies decided to park right in front of our side of the street and refused to make a U-turn and park on the commie side (which at that point was completely devoid of cars). We didn't make too much of a fuss, and even helped one of them out of the car.

Rolling Thunder made an appearance in the persons of Smitty and his lady. He was making his way to Fran O'Brien's for the 2nd anniversary of the restaurant's weekly dinner provided free to a bus load of WR patients and families. Rolling Thunder raised $10,000 in donations to help fund the continuation of this terrific program.

Smitty went across the street to try and engage "Squeegie" in conversation, but "Squeegie" remembered the last time he confronted these folks and decided to pretend Smitty didn't exist.

I didn't see even one U.S. flag on the commie side tonight. They usually bring a token one. I always assumed that it was made of asbestos since they hadn't burned it. Must have been wrong.

A couple of shy supporters.

New sign.

Another celebrity.

Karl joined us again tonight. I wonder who this sign is meant for?

The Group "W" bus also made another appearance, sans the "I 'heart' Gitmo" sticker it was sporting two weeks ago. The driver also decided to park the behemoth where he could keep an eye on it this time. Trouble was, he parked illegally.

FReeper Kristinn decided to point this travesty out in what was surely a familiar manner to the professional protesters of CodePink.

"Squeegie" in high dudgeon again as several Freepers join Kristinn in his "sit-in".

Gael Murphy actually seems pleased to have us over.

CodePinkos call for HELP! Make the Freepers go away!

As usual, the D.C. Cops got everything squared away with little fuss. These guys and gals are real pros.

Andi's got more pics and recounts her conversations with a few of the Pinkos.