Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fun With Buses at Walter Reed

This was a fun night. Great weather, great friends, great pizza and great antics!

We had a visit from 4 people with British accents who swore they were from "Channel 4" and not the BBC. They spent some time talking to us, but I wasn't in the tight bunch around the reporters and camera crew so I don't know much about the interviews.

They seemed nice, but they were asking antagonistic questions that started out with "There were no WMDs, so why do you support the war?"


We had some new signs this week. Many of them got wet and soggy in the rain last week.

Someone spent some time on this one.

A bunch of new signs and justanobody hiding behind the ferns,

LandryFan's newest sign.

concretebob and allrightallthetime with a creative new "love note" to CodePink. heh

iraqikurd with a sign made by TroopRally. If you want to read a terrific essay by a very patriotic immigrant, check out this post at by iraqikurd. It is his "after action" report of the September 23-26 Support the Troops Weekend and is a powerful testament to the Troops and to his adopted home.

iraqikurd and Dustin. Dustin is a wounded warrior who's facing a long stay at Walter Reed. He's a great young man and we're thrilled to have him come out and hang with us.

We had lots of encouragement tonight from troops leaving the hospital. Honking, waving, shouts of "Thank you", and even a really loud "OORAH! SEMPER FI" that brought a huge cheer of THANK YOU! from all of us.

And we had some fun with this bus. I call it the Cindy Sheehan Group "W" bus. It drove up and down Georgia Avenue to the delight of the commie Pinkos and the derision of the Freeps.

Then the driver decided to find a parking spot and turned down a narrow street behind us. It couldn't make the turn. It tried this way and that way and was stuck in a "quagmire!" HAHAHAHA!

Naturally, a bunch of us went down to help. HAHAHAHAH! We took lots of pictures.

That's my car that it almost hit. No, I did NOT volunteer to move it. HAHAHAHAHA!

Here's a Freeper lending a hand. I'm sure this poster helped get them out of the "quagmire!"

Andi getting into the act. Her excellent report is here.

Meanwhile, someone accepted a dare and snuck around the back of the bus and attached a love note from us.

Back of the Group "W" bus.


Hippies singing tired '60s songs out of tune.

Hippy signs

Channel 4, not BBC, interviewing hippies. One of the reporters crossed back over to our side and I commented that he'd been with the commies for a long time. He responded that they talked slower than we did. I commented that they're not too bright.

YAY! I finally got a picture of the bus bringing the wounded warriors back from Fran O'Brien's! There were a lot of folks on the bus tonight, and we cheered, waved our flags and yelled "USA, USA, USA" at the top of our lungs!

A very good night. Then again, its always a good night at Walter Reed. I just wish the Pinkos would go away!

Note: bold name are FreeRepublic screen names.

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