Saturday, October 08, 2005

Even in the Rain, A Good Night at Walter Reed

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night, will keep the FReepers from their fight - against the tyranny of commie-Pinkos that haunt the gates of Walter Reed. Not surprisingly, there was a pretty sparse crowd tonight, but the faithful showed up in sufficient numbers to again out-do the hippies.

Code Pink rousted about 10 people to brave the inclement weather.

FreeRepublic had twice that many. We also had visits from several wounded warriors. Dustin and Oscar, two battle buddies wounded several months apart, hung out most of the evening with us. Oscar rebuffed the many attempts by all the women to shelter him with an umbrella, give him a rain poncho, give him food or something to drink. He said the cool rain felt good.

Dustin spent some time talking to one of the Pinkos, and with every point Dustin made, the Pinko merely replied "I agree." Dustin wasn't fooled. Seems the commies have been coached not to appear argumentative with the vets.

At one point it seemed as if the entire D.C. and Silver Spring, MD Fire Departments passed in front of us. Truck after truck came roaring past, sirens blaring, racing north to some raging inferno. Then one by one they came cruising back, waiving at us and giving thumbs-up from their open windows.

Staying true to their M.O. the Pinkos gathered for their group-hug at 9pm while we serenaded them with "Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye!". They soon split up and left.

I left soon afterwards. Couldn't stay for the bus from Fran O'Brien's tonight 'cause the dog was without a sitter. I'm glad I went and stood in the rain. The brave men and women inside the hospital (and those standing with us) are worth getting wet for any evening.

Update: Andi has more pics and links from Friday night in Raining on CodePink's Parade. She also reprints a stirring letter from Sgt. Leach in Afghanistan who describes his thoughts about the commies at WR.