Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thunder Rolled in to Walter Reed

When I headed down to WRAMC tonight, I expected a quiet and rather boring evening with the usual commie-Pinkos being obnoxious across Georgia Avenue, and the usual FReeps on the "cool" side of the road. Well, "cool" doesn't describe the half of it.

Members of Rolling Thunder, Chapter 1 VA made a very welcome appearance. They roared up to the gates soon after dark and immediately sent the Pinkos into a tizzy. See, they parked on the wrong side of the street in front of the commies!

All the way from North Carolina, Ted and his fiancee Jan were the first of the Rolling Thunder group to arrive. Ted is phoning to find out where everyone else is. He got tired of waiting and decided to start a little fun by himself.

Ted braved the commie side of the street with a Support the Troops sign and met with a rather hysterical "Squeegie dude" who called Ted a fag. Ted didn't like that. Ted frightened Squeegie and Squeegie called the ever-present cops to make the scary biker go away. Ted obliged. Jan was happy because Ted still had the keys to the vehicle and she would need them if he got arrested. Getting arrested is not something new to Ted; he has used "civil disobedience" in the past to make a point. Ted and Jan are very cool.

Squeegie in high dudgeon. His sign reads "Bring the Troops Home - Don't Delay!" Heh. That's so funny I forgot to laugh...

The rest of the group arrives, parking on the commie side of the street. A confrontation ensues; the cops are called back; the riders are told to park somewhere else. They oblige and pull into the church parking lot right behind us.

Some of the guys immediately go back across the street to parley with the Pinkos. Gael Murphy is the blond with the pink shirt. She's calling for HELP!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!

Aaawwwww! Poor thing. That's what the FReeps have been asking her to do since March!

This is obviously a bad picture, but it's interesting. Note the RT member on the right, his arms folded, looking bemused at the moonbats.

All good things must come to an end. We thanked the members of Rolling Thunder who came to cheer on the wounded warriors inside the hospital, and give a little hell to the anti-war 'tards out by the gates.

This was a very good night.