Monday, October 24, 2005

Commies and Dirty Diapers

Ever have one of those days when you just are too freakin' pissed to write what's in your head. Well, today is my lucky day. Capt. B says exactly what my duct-taped head needed to read. I'm just going to repost the whole thing 'cause its brilliant.

If this boot fits, wear it. Cmon America you have you wake up and make a difference! You are strong people, it’s inside you, it might be deep but its there. The enemy knows he can’t beat the Coalition forces here in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, he will try to beat you back in the states; Scare tactics, threats and bad propaganda are just some of his tools. You have to respect the threats but squash the bad propaganda. Im tired of being nice, I don’t have to be nice, as a matter of fact Im getting to like being mean. Its about damn time you get a big ass belly full of anti American press and put your foot down. We are America and if you want to walk up and punch us in the nose, talk trash about the umbrella that provides you security you can stand the hell by for a good ol fashioned ass whooping. That’s right America every now and then you have to “click off safe” and stand up for what you believe in and pile drive to the BS into the deck. What’s that, you’re having a bad day and you really don’t feel like going to work??? We’ll suck it up cupcake and smell freaking roses. Life isn’t fair and you need to get tuff and press on. Its important that you make a creditable contribution to society. So all you “Im going to milk mommy and Daddy for everything they have” brainyacks need to go get a freaking job! We have to fight the enemy as one team because I can tell you this, the enemy is bonded together to fight us and he is committed to winning or die trying here in Iraq and “HELLO” in the United States. That’s right there in the good ol US. (click here to read more about attacks) So all of you anti war, Dr Phil watching, tree hugin mother scratchers that want to run crying home to mommy now cause you never want anything bad to ever happen, better open your eyes and join the team against terrorism. Terrorism is real and it wants to destroy your butt and the US by attacking you in the open or through the press. So if you think the enemy have plopped out lawn chairs, lit a cigar and called it quits you are sadly mistaken. Take charge, put an American flag in your yard and remember how you felt on Sept 11th when all those Americans were murdered! Who me? I can’t make a difference………….Monkey shit! One person always makes a difference and that can start something great! We are at war are you doing all you can? Marines are conducting operations throughout Iraq conducting house to house searches disrupting, capturing and destroying the enemy. We will take the garbage out here. YOU have to take care of yourself by being discipline, get organized and work together. There is nothing more that the scumbags love seeing is us against each other. There is the Spirit and the Sword and the Spirit will always win! Semper Fi
Capt. B is taking care of business in Iraq, and we need to back him up here. That means NOT BEING AFRAID OF COMMIES!!!!

What's the worst that can happen if commies and cry-babies with soiled diapers have a chance to speak? Are they going to convince you that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes? Who are they going to convince that America sucks and that we need to abdicate our place in the world? Your neighbors? Your kids? Your co-workers? Your best freind? What would happen if you came right behind these freaks and simply told the truth about why we fight? Wouldn't that be a helluva lot better than simply trying to shield those around you from the commies?

Let 'em spew their hate - then smack them down!!!!