Monday, October 17, 2005

Milblog Linky Love

I've added a bunch of new milblogs to my "Officially Issued Guns" list recently. They all deserve lots of traffic.

I already featured Capt. B of One Marine's View, but he's so good he deserves another plug. Every post has something eminently quoteable, like
"America maintains a strong military force always ready to monkey stomp someone's ass when needed, regardless of when."

"I don't pity the scumbags who tread our area as they will get that one-way ticket to Allah."

"Reporter’s countrywide saturated the area days prior to the elections to hopefully catch the US forces failing. Well too damn bad it didn'’t happen so pound sand!"
Capt. B is a lot more than just a hardassed Marine. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, competent leader who can teach us all a lot.

Next is Firepower 5 and his blog Firepower Forward from Afghanistan. Along with lots of cool pictures, he's another smart guy who's well written and reasoned posts are very illuminating. Sometimes even really funny.
The room seemed to move around me and I felt unsteady even though I was sitting. I've never had low blood sugar before, and as I tried to steady myself through the vertigo with a hand on my desk, I wracked my brain. Had I skipped dinner last night as well? How long HAD it been since I'd eaten? Am I going to have to have someone drive me to the medics for an IV?

Just then, the Operations NCO stuck his head through the door. "Sir, you can't stay in the building during an earthquake, we need to move outside."
B is also in Afghanistan and writes the blog Going Down Range. His writing style is very business like, doesn't say much about himself, and doesn't write nearly often enough. Lots of cool pics with every post, and each post is packed with info and other links to articles or sites.

Again, from Afghanistan (do you see a pattern emerging?) is SC Eagle with A Storm in Afghanistan. He's in Malta with his family on R&R right now, AND IS STILL POSTING! Anyway, SC Eagle writes about all the little things (not insignificant things, just everday neat stuff) and some activities that break my heart. In his post The War Marches On he talks about losing a friend in a Chinook crash, what happens when there's a KIA, and extraordinary ramp ceremony he attended to send off the angels.

Meanwhile back in Iraq, Lieutenant K left a comment here today and of course I went to check him out. Holy Cow! I'm beginning to think all of our brightest minds are in the middle east getting shot at or risking being blown up. Wordsmith At War is similar to T6 at 365 and a Wakeup in that he's a real writer. Not that everyone else is a slouch, but the title he's chosen for his blog is quite appropriate. Just read this post, A Letter to the Republic for Which We Stand and see if you don't agree.

Lastly, check out, JP Borda's brainchild for cataloging all the milblogs in the world. Anybody can register as a user, then add milblogs you find, choose your favorites (kinda like voting) and find ones you've never heard of to visit.

And now for a cool pic I stole from SC Eagle's site.