Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WarriorsVoice URL Hijacked

WarriorJason shut down his blog early this month. It has now reappeared as a "porn link" site.

If you have a link to the site (warriorsvoice[dot]blogspot[dot]com) please delete it. Don't give the scumbag any traffic!

I'd like to see the asshat on the receiving end of this!

On a similar note, CivilWarrior's original URL has also been hijacked, but not by a perv. If you have Way Down in Kosovo linked as waydowninkosovo[dot]blogspot[dot]com, add a '1' after 'kosovo' to link the new site.

Suggestion: if you take down your Blogger site, don't delete it, just make it "private" on the Settings tab. That way the URL will still be in your account.