Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Cold Night at Walter Reed

It was quite chilly tonight and a smaller crowd than usual showed up to support our wounded warriors. Most who came were well prepared for the cold, and brought extra hats and gloves for those who weren't.

Adam faced off early with "Squeegie" who was alone on the Pinko corner. He's only 15 years old, but Adam has developed some strong and well informed opinions about people who say they support the troops but don't support anything they do.

This sign got a great reaction from a car full of soldiers leaving the hospital. One leaned out of the window and shouted "Hippies DO Smell!"

After being assembled in the church parking lot, the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners) is maneuvered out to the street.

The assembled banner is zip-tied to a light pole near the middle, and held on either end by volunteers.

The commie-Pinkos (fully assembled in Cuba) begin their weekly 60's flashback sing along.

Sometimes, I think "Empire" isn't such a bad idea.

Of course, the buzz along the FReeper line tonight was about Rep. Murtha's surrender-monkey comments and the "Cut & Run" bill being debated in the House. Oddly enough, I didn't see any Pinko signs with Murtha's name or quotes. Maybe even they sensed that he'd gone too far and was about to go down in flames.

It's a shame that such an honored warrior would turn against those who are following in his footsteps. Not only did he propose a course of action that would destroy all that the military has achieved so far in Iraq, but he promised the troops, in person, that he would stay the course.

The comments section on Capt. B's last post contains this gem:

Holy Crap Bat Man I could write a whole Blog entry on Sen Murtha. He came here in Iraq a couple months ago. Praising us for what a great job we did. He visited places out west like Haditha and told the Marines there “we are going to let you finish what you started” as I listened. He probed about requirements and gear and moral and was somewhat disappointed that we had what we needed and kept asking well what do you really need trying to find a problem. He defiantly just pissed off a majority of the military now and has gone 180 degree from what he was saying and preaching about “Finishing the job” when he was face to face with us. He has been to Iraq ONCE for 3 days. Everything he is saying now is exactly the opposite of what he was saying when he was with us. He makes sound like he is a front line troop as he speaks. He is two faced and I have seen it first hand standing in front of him as he spoke to us. This is a very sad ploy by the democrats and will do nothing but hurt our troops. Capt B

Well, looks like Murtha engaged in a little "hyping of facts" to fit his agenda.

Thankfully, some Republicans in the House got the bright idea to make every Representative either go on record as a quitter, or shut the hell up! Worked pretty well, too.

3 - quitters McKinney, Serrano, Wexler

403 - Shut yer piehole!

OK, maybe I got a little off topic. It was a slow night.