Sunday, September 18, 2005

Afghanis: 12.5 million - bin Laden: 15

The Afghan public voted today. There are 12.5 million registered voters who may have turned out today to put in place a lower house of parliament and local leaders. The terrorists managed to kill 5 policemen 14 people and one French special forces soldier.

From CENTCOM comes this press release, which says in part
“I am not afraid to go and vote. I want to vote. It is how we can fight this terrorism. I want to be able to choose who represents me in our government,” said Saifullah Haqmal, an Afghan student from Khost province. “I think it is important for everyone to participate in the vote for national and local Parliament. This election will bring a bright future for us.”
From RadioFreeEurope/Radio Liberty Afghans Cast Ballots in Historic Elections
"This is a day of celebration for us," Temoori said. "We are proud, and we are using our freedom to vote. We are voting for the people who will work for the people of Afghanistan and can be productive in the parliament."

From ABC News/AP Afghans Brave Violence to Elect New Leaders
"Today is a magnificent day for Afghanistan," said Ali Safar, 62, standing in line to vote in Kabul. "We want dignity, we want stability and peace. Thirty years of war and poverty is enough."
Our men and women in uniform have done a tremendous job bringing about this historic day. Thank them, please.

9/19 Update: PubliusPundit has a great wrap-up of info and published reports - and pics! and Blackfive has a cool video.