Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lcpl Pete, USMC, Daily Commute

Hooray! Photos from Afghanistan.

Pete on his way to work. Yes, that's an Army dude standing in the hatch. Maybe they picked up a hitchhiker.

Pete's emails have been very upbeat. Seems he and his buddies are having their way with the Taliban terrorists. He's not giving away any operational info, but says the terrorists are no match for the USMC! OORAH!

Speaking of Army dudes, 2Slick's got a real fine response to a commenter who just will not see a connection between Saddam and 9/11. I know its a little late in coming (posted 9/2) but better late than never? This has been one of my own pet peeve's with the loony left, so 2Slick's post will be a good one to keep around for those times you're looking for the right argument.

And I just found a good funny over at Hello Iraq. Somebody is real anxious to take over the Mayor's job in NOLA.