Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hooah.net - Hooey or what?

OK. I've put JP back on my blogroll under "officially Issued Guns" but not because he carries one these days. He's blogging from Ft. Livingroom now but still thinks he's some kinda soldier. I just don't know what else to do with him.

Yes, I am the ultimate milblogger, and No, I'm not drunk, so quit asking.

Ooookaayy... Maybe I'm optimistic, but he submitted a pretty good (un-lefty) editorial to that whiners site and I decided to give him another shot at respectability. Not that I have any right to decide what he does with his site, his writing, or any little part of his life. I've said nice things about JP that I will never take back, but haven't seen fit to pimp readers for him since he got home and announced his plans.

Still, JP can be hilarious. And he's a heck of a photographer. Check him out and see for yourself. That's Hooah.net - Not the National Guard Experience - which will eventually contain all teh funny from his old site.