Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More good reporting from Crawford, and a CUG History lesson

Gunner of Target Centermass went down to see the hoopla in Crawford and came back with a great post. Great pics, too. He expands on Amy's description and emotional impact of Ft. Qualls, and gives a clue into the types of folks inhabiting Camp Casey 2.

Meanwhile, Jimmy"First!"B the Conservative UAW Guy, combines history and SciFi with Asimov and the Star Spangled Banner. You think ole' Isaac only came up with the 3 Laws of Robotics? Go get a lesson.

Now, having read Basil's How Many Backs Could a Trackback ack if a Backtrak Could Chuck Wood post, I first satisfy this point:

If you've written about another post, you should have linked to it. You're wanting the other site to know about it and you'd like a link back to your post. And the TrackBack does that.

Do I want a link back to this post? All I've done here is point to someone else's work. I think I'll leave it up to whoever reads this and ask that you leave your opinion in the comments.

But if I don't use a TrackBack, I won't know if Gunner or CUG will know that I've linked to them. Basil won't know that I've tried to apply his lesson. Oh, the humanity!

To heck with it. I'll trackback and see what happens. Comments still welcome.