Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Linky Love - or - I've got nuttin' on my own

I love these kinds of stories. Rob B. of File it Under posts a great WW2 story related by his grandfather called Birthdays and Battle Stories. All you Gen. Patton fans will love this.

HatTip: Blackfive

Dr. Phat Tony has a statistic that all good gun nuts should memorize. Whether you love or hate guns, you should buy his swag. It's swaggilicious!

You should also TrackBack to DPT's posts. JimmyB may not care or even notice if he's got 'em, but us smallfry bloggers live for links & TrackBacks. TrackBack early and often!

And buy Dr. Phat Tony Swag.

Gratuitous pic of Natl. Zoo's baby panda. Aaaawwwww!