Friday, September 02, 2005

"The Will to Exist": Re-filed Under Milblog

I've been reading and marveling at Trevor's site The Will to Exist for several months now. He's just been activated with his Georgia Army National Guard unit and will be leaving for Iraq any day.

That's not so unusual, lots of men and women are shipping out

True, but how many are
a middle aged volunteer for armed service, specifically because our war against fundamentalist religious fanatics is completely appropriate, and because I'’m a little older and hopefully a little wiser than some 18-year-old who might be sent in my place if I weren't volunteering.
And how many of those can say this:
After a four year tour of duty in the Marine Corps, I thought I was done with the military. There'’s a lot of idiocy that must be put up with when you choose to serve in this nation'’s armed forces. It can get quite unappealing some days.

But then, in life, you come across an enemy that simply needs killing. This enemy needs killing so badly that you think to yourself, it will be worth putting up with the bullshit that goes along with military service.
And finally, how many are immigrants?
I'’m male, 34, married, libertarian and a naturalized citizen. I spent my childhood as a missionary kid in places like Bangladesh and Haiti.
One of his recent posts says a lot about his character.
My father comes from an Amish background. My mother comes from a Mennonite background. Both groups are conscientuous objectors and pacifists. Ironically, I became a United States Marine and still manage to get along with both my mom and my dad.
Today he's got this to say
Today was the first day I have served on federal active duty since 1996. I spent my day in uniform and actively helping my unit'’s efforts to get packed and ready for our upcoming deployment. Part of these duties included going to places like Lowe's and Home Depot to get certain supplies that we needed. I was asked several times whether I was headed to New Orleans. I'’m not, and our predeployment training has now been moved out of the state of Mississippi and into the state of Indiana. We're still Iraq bound and staying on schedule.

Stop by his site and wish him well. Then keep checking back 'cause I'm sure Trevor will have LOADS to say from over there.