Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cpt. Z's "Katrina" Answers

He's on a roll, folks. Chuck's brain continues to function just fine even when swamped with narcotics. Today he answers most of the questions we've all had about the cause of the destruction in NOLA and the reasons for the reponses from local, state, and Fed authorities. Gen. Honore gets a mention, and quotes:
And he would caveat a lot of his "counseling sessions" with words like “Son, if you don't get this straight, you’re gonna to end up dead... Grave. Yard. Dead.” He also had a penchant for firing stupid people. That, among other admirable traits, earned him a lot of respect among the junior leaders in the brigade
He does not, however, answer the most important question: How did FDR fit into all this?

Stay tuned to his blog for further answers.