Saturday, September 17, 2005

It Never Rains at Walter Reed

Another pleasant late summer evening at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. A smattering of shaggy, unkempt Code Pink hippies gathered on either side of the entrance holding their miserable "Support the Troops, Not War Profiteers" signs and singing 60s protest ballads out of tune. Meanwhile, a terrific group of dedicated, patriotic FReeps gathered on the opposite side of Georgia Avenue waiving American flags under the MOAB (Mother of All Banners) and actually thanking the troops as they drove or walked in and out of the facility.

Ring leader Gael Murphy attempting to recruit a new hippy at the front gates. Sorry, Gael, Janine figured out what was up and came over to our side!

I didn't get a lot of pictures since the light is fading earlier these days. Still, we had a great time with BobTheNailer coming all the way from Michigan just to join us. There were several other people who, like me, just started joining the FReeps since the CNSNews article came out a month ago. Check out TheRedHunter for his post (he's holding the Across the Street Marxist Code Pink-Os sign).

The weather reports all day were calling for thunder showers in the evening, but all we got were tiny sprinkles.

Also check out Andi's World for her report.

The Pinks packed up and left around 9 leaving us to welcome the ambulatory back from their night out at Fran O'Brien's. I think that says a lot about the commie pinko's real motives: get out their marxist message without really supporting the troops.

Thanks again to all the FReeps who come out week after week to support the wounded warriors and the men and women who treat and care for them here at the hospital.